Monday, December 3, 2012

Learn to be Rational in Relationships...

Good evening beautiful jewels,

As I bring my night to a end, I wanted to drop a "jewel" to those who may come across my blog and may need this if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. Always remember, reacting on a moment of anger can lead to a lifetime of regret.  Never make permanent decisions off of temporary emotions. Often, we get so caught up in the emotions and feelings of a particular situation, and we can make irrational decisions from those unstable feelings.  We must learn not to make drastic decisions with an unstable mind.  Because the truth is, feelings and emotions are not constant, but reality is exactly what it is.  So must learn to separate what we feel, from what is real.  Don't make a choice in your relationship, that you know you will regret later in life.  Always take the time to think things through, pray, and ask God for the mental clarity that you need to discern your situation. I trust me, God will NEVER steer you wrong.

Good night jewels!

Shine bright!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Jason Wu Spring 2012 Collection NYFW!!


Jason Wu premiered his Spring 2012 collection during NYFW, showcasing bold prints, soft fabrics, and urban chic mixed with classic appeal! I enjoyed a lot of the looks from this collection and handpicked some of my favs for your viewing pleasure!


These pics are taken from www.newyorkpost.com and for a complete look of the Jason Wu 2012 Collection, check out www.newyorkpost.com!!!

The Zoe Project! Rachel Zoe’s Beautiful Collection during NYFW!!!


Hollywood’s top stylist Rachel Zoe has made her mark in the entertainment and fashion industry as one of the top stylists’ with her unmatched, keen sense for picking iconic fashion trends. She is such an inspiration for me, with her devoted love to accessories!



Its no secret that Rachel Zoe is a winner with styling today’s hottest celebrities, but she has now turned her lifelong dream into a reality and created her own collection, Rachel Zoe, found in Neiman Marcus stores nationwide!



Rachel Zoe is currently (like right now..) doing her S/S presentation during NYFW and tweeted some her looks! Check it out below!!


Follow the iconic stylist at @rzrachelzoe and check out her website at www.rachelzoe.com!!!

The Harajuku Barbie returns for NYFW!

Nicki Minaj came full force on the front row of Prabal Gurgung Show in this piece of artistry! Rocking Shojono Tomo printed leggings and a gigantic pink bow on her head, Nicki Minaj definitely made an eye-catching appearance during NYFW! You think you got the “barbie guts” to pull this off???



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Fall/Winter Looks!!



Its no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Jeffrey Campbell seems to never disappoint me in creating daring, edgy shoes for unconventional fashionista. So of course, Jeffrey Campbell brought another winner with this Fall/Winter line with true inspiration from the 70’s with rich colors!image

I mean, how can you not love these!??!?!?!?!?


I can so see these wedges with some tights and a mini skirt topped off with grey off shoulder sweatshirt. Hot pair of earrings and free form hair!









These are certified bangers!! A must-have in the closet! PERIOD!

To view the entire lookbook on Jeffrey Campbells Fall/Winter line, check out http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/home/.

The Evolution of the Skinny! Color me BAD!!

Now we all know you can never go wrong with a good old pair of skinny jeans to compliment edgy blouse, comfy sweater, or classic blazer to start our day. I know my closet wouldn’t be complete without a pair of skinnys!! But of course for some of us, our wardrobe is probably simplified to the basic colors of skinnys- blue, black, and white.

Well, the skinny jeans gods heard our cries ladies, and popular jean brand Joes Jeans has introduced their Fall line of timeless line Skinnys in 55- YES I said 55- awesome colors!!!! The 55 Colors of Denim!


Ladies, Joes Jeans has every color imaginable to fit your skinny jeans’ needs. This is actually the first time the brand has created something of this magnitude as well as a first for the denim industry. Joes Jeans retail at $158 and you can order them at JoesJeans.com! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Now, as unconventional as I am when it comes to fashion and life, there will always remain apart of me that holds a special place for tailored pieces and classic looks. And one look in particular, is the ever-present TUXEDO! A classic tuxedo-jacket or suit gives so much class to any individual, which makes it such a timeless piece.  Designers are taking this classic piece as inspiration for some of Fall’s hottest looks this year.


Now, lets give credit where credit is due…Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Janelle Monae has been giving us tuxedo flare for the past 3 years in many different variations as her signature performance look! Not to mention, she’s posed in VOGUE magazine  3 times with this classic look! POW!!!



Here are some looks from 2011 Fashion Week..sweeeet!



Here is the lovely Lala Vasquez-Anthony in a tuxedo-inspired pants suit. She looks elegant!



Grammy singer Beyonce Knowles rocked a Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo jacket at 2011 VMA’s along with her baby bump!!!

So ladies, nothing says chic like a nice tuxedo-inspired piece for the Fall! if you want a classic yet edgy look, you have it in this season tuxedo looks! ENJOY!!!