Friday, January 21, 2011


Today we are living in a world that is largely revolved around the use of social networks. Facebook, twitter„ and other countless social networks consume so much of our lives, which I guess is fine, if you know how to handle it. But a common question that is asked is whether or not social networks are the death of relationships….hmmm.
Now, I’m going to give two perspectives on this issue. The first is this, NO SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK SHOULD DESTROY YOUR RELATIONSHIP IF YOU HAVE NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE. I REPEAT…NO SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK SHOULD DESTROY YOUR RELATIONSHIP IF YOU HAVE NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE.  Male or female, we all reserve the right to have friendships with people of the opposite sex. And to be honest, if you are in a relationship with someone, you should know them well enough to know that they have friends.  Now, if you’re one of those types who trips off of postings on walls and tweets, YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. These are social networks people, so people are going to be social. If people didn’t socialize,there would be no point for the social network!
Now, I know some eyebrows are rising, and you’re thinking, “well what about the suspicious comments and tweets?” you know, the “BORDERLINE” PICS, COMMENTS, AND TWEETS? THE “TOO CLOSE” PICS, SEXUAL COMMENTS, FREQUENT COMPLIMENTS, LOL :-)’S??
Now when we start talking about those type of situations, then you may have a problem. But lets be clear, the problem isn’t the social network, its your significant other. If you are in an exclusive relationship, no one should even have the audacity to disrespect you and your relationship. But lets be honest, some will do it. When, you’re in that type of situation, then its time for a sit down.
Bottom line is this, trust is key in any form of relationship. I am one to say that, there are people in this world who will try to sabotage your relationship, if they detect that you are weak minded enough to allow them to do it. Social networks should never be the death of your relationship. Be confident within yourself and what you have with your mate, not to allow peoples words to eat you mentally. But you have to be SECURE, AND IN ORDER TO BE SECURE IN A RELATIONSHIP, YOU FIRST HAVE TO BE SECURE WITH YOURSELF. If you’re secure, then social networks should not bother you at all!

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